I was born and raised in Paris. I had a really mixed up cursus from economics, communications, international trade to cultural mediation. In the end my aim was to work in international development for museums. 

I started working in 2009 in production for scenography on international events and then also on digital projects for famous brands online stores.  I travelled few months in London and in Montreal, short life moments really inspiring.

During those years I was part of an electronic music label of friends as event organizer and partnership manager.

Lately, after having my first child at the age of 30, I went back into event and exhibitions activities  both for professional and personal projects.

In January 2018 I landed in Berlin with my family. This move in an even more inspiring city led me to show my own setups, those are mostly methaphoric sceneries. Subjects that interest me are human, nature, perception of the time and possession.

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