Dida Elisa ooops
Dida Elisa ooops

Dida is Elisa
Dida is Elisa

Dida Elisa ooops
Dida Elisa ooops



Born and grown up in Italy, since olways an Arts interested.

In 2013 she gets her degree at the Academy of Arts of Verona (Italy).

Meanwhile she takes part to different arts events and exibitions in Italy as well as in other countries.

aThis experience and the city of Berlin was a big font of inspiration for her, so that she decided to continue to leave and to work in the capital.


Clay Footprint
clay stripes
clay art
Clay Paper mix
clay paper mix
clay painting
yellow clay
clay abstract
clay colors

About my work

the body and the elements of nature were olways in the focus of her research.

The lines of the one and the others, if seen from a determinate point of wiew are the same.

With performance, Photography and paint she tries to analyze and concretize this concept.

By the use of new materials she finds the clay-world.

Since a couple of years she works as dekorateuring of internal walls with this material, which is font of new inspirations for her artistic research.

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