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Melanie is a fresh new member of Space2122.

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Melanie Faulhaber is a german fashion designer with a nature motivated mind. After 8 years in fashion industry from Paris to Milan, she faced the giant earth consumption with her own ideas. Why is fashion, the cultural art of our century, harming humans and the environment. How can good products made in such a bad way? 

Her solution is a capsule driven collection of timeless products. In 2017 FAULHABER PRODUCTS was founded together with her partner Marcel Kattner. 

FAULHABER PRODUCTS creates noble bags, multifunctional talents, backpacks, belts and gloves made of natural leather. The accessories impress with their clear, functional design, special attention to details to become your real everyday companion.

Melanie and Marcel want to change the understanding of luxury in a contemporary way. By focusing on sustainability and responsibility, the brand operates without complex supply chains and relies on long-term and selected partnerships and a sensible use of valuable natural resources. All materials are produced/grown in Europe and meet the highest standards. Every item is created with the aim of being effortless and timeless.


FAULHABER PRODUCTS contribution to a better world: information and transparency. Every product is equipped with an individual serial number, this enables the brand to provide information about the exact, individual production process of every companion, crafted by manufacturers, who have been skilled in producing and processing high-quality for generations.


FAULHABER PRODUCTS are designed to be your most loyal everyday companion. Made to mature and be the heritage of your children - that is true luxury.