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Sandra Nicoline Nielsen



Sandra is an expert on circular economy, waste and material culture. She has an interdisciplinary background in philosophy and business administration followed up with a master’s degree in techno-anthropology. She is passionate about facilitating innovation and change and finds human behaviour absolutely fascinating. She works from a bottom up approach to engage people in processes of change.


In 2018 Sandra together with Tim van der Loo started hands.on.matter:

They asked themselves how can we relate differently to the materials we are constantly, inevitably surrounded by, using, dependent on and creating. With a starting point in circular material thinking they put a particular emphasis on post consumer and biobased materials. In the facilitation and development of material workshops, talks and collaborative projects they seek to push forward sustainable practices in the fields of art and design. 

Sandra is a fresh new member of Space2122.

Find her work under the following link: