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Susannah is a fresh new member of Space2122.

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Susannah Garden is an Australian illustrator and artist with a background in  visual arts (including art theory), literature, and film-making. She also creates large scale murals (street art). Having moved to Moscow in 2007, she received a BA in Illustration from the British Higher School of Design, and then went on to teach in the same institution in the Department of Communication Design. 



She prefers the process of creating images by hand, and usually works with ink, pencil and collage. In her compositions, themes of mysticism and the exploration of dream landscapes are accompanied by sometimes chaotic structures and narratives that are often non-linear. She enjoys semi-abstraction, and rhythm and texture often form the binding agent that holds all these elements together. 


Susannah is one of the organisers of Sunday Sketching Berlin — an informal series of events where interested people gather in inspiring places in the city to draw together. She also runs local workshops in zine-making, collage and ink-painting.