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Tim van der Loo

(Post consumer) material - product designer


Waste is a new material resource. Since a few years, the work of material/product designer Tim van der Loo (NL) is shifting towards the use of post consumer material resources to develop new surfaces and structures for product design. Even though his main concern is sustainability, he cares about bringing a contemporary aesthetic to recycled materials. His works are reflections of a playful approach to the function and matter of utilitarian objects.


In 2018 Tim together with Sandra Nicoline Nielsen started hands.on.matter:

They asked themselves how can we relate differently to the materials we are constantly, inevitably surrounded by, using, dependent on and creating. With a starting point in circular material thinking they put a particular emphasis on post consumer and biobased materials. In the facilitation and development of material workshops, talks and collaborative projects they seek to push forward sustainable practices in the fields of art and design.

Tim is a fresh new member of Space2122.

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